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IT Consultancy

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In today's accelerating world, the adaptation of IT systems, as well as the speed and reliability of data acquisition from them are of paramount importance for well-functioning companies.
Furthermore, accomodating the ever changing legal background through the IT infrastructure is also crucial. All of these impact the quality of financial reports and have an effect on decision taking by leaders and business owners.
An element of IT audits focuses on issues raised by downtime in the IT infrasturcture, including the continuity of business and disaster management. In addition, we are able to assist startup enterprises in introducing new systems.

Our IT consulting services:

» Security evaluation of IT systems
» Preparation of IT policies and the assessment thereof
» Assistance in implementing IT systems
» Revision of data migration
» Preliminary assessments preceding the introduction of IT systems
» Evaluation of the effectiveness of implemented IT systems (IT risk assessment)
» Issuing of reports for third parties on the proper operation of IT systems
» Investigation of the conformity of information received from third parties
» Assistance to management of operation of IT projects